Connect J90-LC, J100 with B102 rev 2 (HDMI to CSI-2 bridge)

Hi everyone.

Sorry for my bad english.

I’m in trouble in connecting B102 rev 2 and J90-LC, J100 carry TX1 installed jetpack 3.1, kernel 4.4.38.

  1. With J90-LC, it has only CSI-EF port and i can not detect i2c slave address of B102 rev 2.

  2. With J100, i can detect i2c-0 address of B102 rev 2 by connect it via CSI-CD. And by modify device tree source base on camera OV5693 device tree, install tc358743 driver and reflash the TX1, the tc358743 driver was able to be probeb. But the camera OV5693 using i2c06, so i have to change i2c bus address in device tree source of tc358743 from 546c0000 (i2c-6) to 7000c000 (i2c-0). After i changed it and reflash the TX1, the device tree node was created, but the driver was not probed.

I have been studying about driver and device tree for months but dont have much experients about this problem. I have asked richardyou for help, and was able to make tc358743 driver probed. But his Platform using the i2c bus address 546c0000 so the driver he created and the device tree node he write is match and the B102 rev 2 worked well.

Please help me.