Connect J90-LC with Camera HITACHI via USB 3.0

Hi everyone.

Sorry for my bad english.

I’m having trouble to get video from camera Hitachi via USB3.0 on J90-LC carry TX1. The image received seem to be wrong format.

Currently, i can get video from camera when replace J90-LC by J100 and by active NVIDIA Super Speed USB 3.0 support.

Have anyone meet the problem before? Please help me!

Hi haihoangsoftware,

Have you check with Auvidea support?
Form their firmware release page, it seems their USB3 support for J90 was only for TX2.
You should contact with them to get more information and see if they could provide the solution.


Hi kayccc,

I mean J90-LC has USB3.0 port so it have to support USB3.0.

I have contact them for more detail but no reply for week.

I can get video from the camera. But the image format seems to be not right. and so the fps.