Connect lidar to NVIDIA DRIVE AGX on J14

Hardware Platform: DRIVE AGX Xavier™
Software Version: DRIVE OS SDK ]

Hi, I would like to connect my lidar (cannot set static IP on it) to NVIDIA AGX on port J14 (HSD) using E3579 dongle. Lidar should get connected and be visible in the network from Xavier A.
How to do it? When I simply connect it I cannot see any new device (as well as I connect to E3579 any other device)

Hi @zyczkowski,

Please refer to “Lidar Unit Connections” section in to see if helps. Thanks!

Hi, Thank you for your quick reply. I have read this manual and connected it as mentioned (using E3579 dongle on port J14). However, this device is not seen by Xavier (I run nmap and do not find any devices connected to 192.168.1.. network. ) Unfortunately I cannot set static IP on my lidar to force its connection to network.

Had not properly configured DHCP server on After fixing it lidar appeared in the network.

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