Connect Machinima Create and IsaacSim, export

as the title suggest I’m looking in connecting these three components. Specifically, I want to use machinima to animate models and create animation sequences and export those to create/isaacsim.

I was able to use the sequencer quite easily. Then, I’ve exported the USD of the scene. Now several scenarios open up:

  • Create (Windows) I can import the USD, enable the sequencer, and see the animations.
  • Create (Linux) I can import the USD, but only some of the assets are being loaded. I can force-load the other ones by updating the references (even if the paths are absolute to the localhost server). But even if I enable the sequencer only the standard animation is played (not the generated one)
  • IsaacSim (Linux) can import the USD, only some assets loaded, no sequencer available.

How can I solve this?
Is it possible to export the single animation sequence track as an animation USD? In that way I could use that one as “primary animation” of the target.

Any other suggestion will be appreciated (even going through loops like Machinima → Unreal → Isaac)

Hello @eliabntt94! I am going to direct you to our Isaac Sim team to help get you started. I’ve let the team know about your questions and I hope to hear back shortly. Thanks for reaching out to us.

@eliabntt94 was this resolved with our latest release, Isaac Sim 2021.2.0?

yep, should be. I haven’t had the chance yet to look at it thoroughly. I’ve a deadline on Saturday. I’ll reopen the issue if I still have problems, thanks for your time!

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