Connect MAX9271 serializer with Nvidia Drive px2

Hello dear Nvidia team

I have MAx9271 serializer which I want to connect with Drive PX 2 exactly with Max9286 deserializer.
I used sample_gmsl_custom example and give a config looking like this.

-#This is an example camera.cfg file. This sets gmsl camera sensor parameters for integrating with custom boards
required-framerate = 30
camera-mask = 0000
csiOut = 3210
#board = P2382-a01
board = E2379a-c01
module-name = ref_max9286_96705_ar0231rccb
resolution = 1920x1208
input-format = raw12
interface = csi-ab
camera-count = 1
slave = false

I2CDevice: 7 for csi-ab, 2 for csi-cd

i2cDevice = 7
desAddr = 0x48
brdcstSerAddr = 0x80
brdcstSensorAddr = 0x10
enableEmbLines = true
enableSimulator = false
initialized = false
crossCSISync = false

With this configuration, I am able to connect with Sekonix camera by changing the brdcstSerAddr address from 0x80 to 0x48.
But when I am trying to get the sample work with my serializer I am getting an error <can not connect to the camera.

Is there any specific configuration that I need to set at my MAX9271 board to work with Drive PX 2?
Could you please provide me Sekonix MAX96705 serializer configuration?


Dear Hovhannes,
Could you share PDK version?

Hi SivaRamaKrishna

MY PDK version is DriveInstall Linux SDK


Dear Hovnannes,
I am able to connect with Sekonix camera by changing the brdcstSerAddr address from 0x80 to 0x48

May I know how did you check you are able to connect your camera?


I have Sekonix AR0231 camera, which has MAX96705 deserializer.
By using sample_gmsl_custom example I am connecting with this camera and get the video data.

Now I wont to change MAX96705 serializer with Max9271.
Do I need to pass the specific configuration to Max9271, yeah?


Deae hovhannes,
Please check broadcast sensor addr as 0x30 and broadcast serializer addr as 0x40

Dear SivaRamaKrishna

brdcstSerAddr is my serializer address.
Could you please say what brdcstSensorAddr configuring?
For example, if I am not connecting any sensor and just have serializer could it work or not?


Dear hovhannes,
Set brdcstSensorAddr as 0x30. Let me know if this worked?

Dear SivaRamaKrishna

Sorry for not fully answering your last question.
NO, it doesn’t work


Dear hovhannes,
The PDK supports only the following sesor + serializer + deserializer combinations.
AR0231 + Max96705 + Max9286
OV10640 + Max9271 + Max9286

You can find the supported configurations in nvmedia/ipp_raw/drive-px2-a.conf. If a new combination needs to be supported, a new driver for that particular combination needs to be implemented. You may try implementing driver or please file a bug for feature request.

Please login to with your credentials. Please check MyAccount->MyBugs->Submit a new bug to file bug. Please share bug ID here to follow up.

Any chance there is an example driver template or you could point us to the source code location for the existing driver?



My Bug ID is 2355845


Weird. I don’t have access to that page. Says Membership Required.

Please check nvmedia/ext_dev_prgm contains all the sample drivers(which is also supported drivers) for a PDK.

Thanks, we will take a look.