Connect MIPI-DSI LCD for TX1

Hi nvidia,
I have a mipi-dsi lcd panel and I want to drive it with tx1.
As we know, the display interface on the tx1 is high speed interface so we need to use connector to connect to lcd panel.
In present, I have no idea which connector should I use to connect to the lcd panel and tx1.
Is there any advice?


I am moving this to the Jetson TX1 forum so the support team has visibility.


For TX1 board itself, connector J23 is the DSI connector. You can refer to P2597_C02 schematic in for carrier board design info.

Hi Trumany,
I appreciate your respomse.
The link you provide shows page not found.

You can search it in DLC, and download it by right click the link and choose ‘save it as’.

The document shows the information about the display interface connector of TX1 is “Samtec QSH-060-01-H-D-A” and it is 2x60 lanes.
Does it necessary to use two lane?
If I use a connector with 30pins to 50pin mipi-dsi, does it work?

Not sure what you mean, but if you want to connect your panel to TX1 DSI connector, a switch board to connect DSI signals might be necessary.

Definitely I need a switch board to connect DSI to my panel, my question is I’m looking for the switch board but what kind of the board should I use?
Can I use one lane or two lanes of the board?
Is there any advice?

It depends on your panel request on one lane or two lane. We don’t have such suggestion, maybe you can check with the vendors in ecosystem to see if any switch board.

The panel can use four lanes and if I just use one lane, what kinds of the connector should I use? Because I don’t find the product in your link.

The trouble I want to solve is the connection between the 60pins mipi high speed interface of tx1 and the 50pins mipi panel.

No suggestion on the connector. You may need to check the pinout of 60 pin and 50 pin connector to confirm what the pin mapping of connector should be. The first lane should be used if you use one of four lanes for the panel.

Due to the dsi interface, is there any dsi panel that official demo shows?
If it is, can you provide the dsi panel for tx1?

There is no such info can be shared.

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