Connect multiple stereo cameras to improve Elbrus VSLAM


I am losing localization using one Zed2 camera feeding into my Elbrus VSLAM. I am considering using another stereo camera facing backwards in addition to the current camera facing forwards.
Is it possible to connect more than one stereo camera for VSLAM on Isaac, and how would I combine the feature data points from these cameras?


Isaac VSLAM in Isaac SDK 2021.1 does not yet support multiple stereo cameras. You could still run two different instances but this version does not expose the covariance matrix to facilitate fusing results together.

Is this feature something that is planned to be released soon? Or is there a need for me to approach this differently, such as using ROS to do the calculations and sending the pose data over a ROS bridge?

We will add this feature into our roadmaps. You can develop on Isaac SDK Engine directly, on ROS1 and use ROS Bridge or on ROS2 with Isaac ROS Visual SLAM.