Connect my jetson orin nx to a ups

Hi everyone, to avoid damage to my card due to power cuts or otherwise, I had thought about connecting it to a UPS, but I don’t know anything about it…
I only know that certain UPSs are able to communicate with the operating systems and “tell” them when the power has been interrupted and consequently turn the card off normally… (I also have no idea how to do this).
Does anyone know which UPS would be best to buy for my Jetson Orin NX 16GB and how to configure everything to perform the function I explained above?
I tried searching online but couldn’t find anything…
I await your help as always!
Thanks in advance to anyone who replies!

I can’t give you any specific recommendations, but typically an UPS will use a serial UART for such communications. If you have details, then it isn’t too hard to deal with that. Some of the UPS will do this over a DB-9 connector, others will do this over a USB serial UART. If there is a DB-9 connector, then you have to have your own serial UART with that kind of connector on the Jetson (the old Jetson TK1 has a DB-9); if this is USB, then the Jetson merely needs the driver for the UART (usually that driver is present by default, but any software which comes with the UPS likely depends on a naming convention that might require a udev file to rename the device, which isn’t truly a driver, but it would be called a driver).

I couldn’t tell you what the UART communications would present for any particular UPS. You’d have to understand what it is doing if you are to implement line power failure software yourself. The UPS might have script-based software to deal with this, in which case you could just copy it in place even on a Jetson. If there is an executable file designed for a specific architecture, then you’d have to write your own software to deal with it since the arm64/aarch64 architecture is likely not supported by the UPS vendor.

ok, thank you very much, as regards choosing a UPS suitable for my jetson orin nx 16gb which one would you recommend?

I don’t actually have a recommendation. I should have an UPS as well, but do not. Power failure here is rare. About all I can suggest as a guideline:

  • Look for one using USB instead of DB-9.
  • Look for one which lets you download and look at any Linux support software.

If you find one with downloadable Linux software, post the URL, including the location of the downloadable software. Then it can be examined to see what it requires, e.g., maybe it is purely script-based.

ok, thanks for your help like always!

I found this software: 3.14.14-2 : apcupsd : arm64 : Bionic (18.04) : Ubuntu, it seems compatible with arm-64 and should be a software that works with any APC brand UPS. And this APC Easy UPS, 700VA, Tower, 230V, 2x CEE 7/3 Schuko outlets, AVR - BVX700LI-GR | APC Italia looks like a excellent UPS to connect the Jetson even in max power mode and a screen… What do you think?

I’m still only guessing, but I think that software might work. What you can do is attempt to install the software, while logging (you want a record of everything that goes on), and see what happens. Since it is not a kernel driver, but user space, it shouldn’t have any special requirements. You wouldn’t be able to run the software, but if it installs, then I think it would work.

I did not see any specifications (at least none that I could read) regarding whether or not that UPS works under brownout. Most any UPS works upon complete power loss, and many work in brownout, but once in awhile you find one cutting corners with brownout. It’s oddly comical, but 700W is actually overkill for a Jetson. I could see the fan on the UPS itself consuming more power than the Jetson.

Regarding installing the software with logging, you want to first update the Jetson:

sudo apt update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then reboot, make sure all is good, then take that .deb file and install after downloading it. I assume it is in your regular user’s “~/Downloads” directory. Then:

cd ~/Downloads
sudo apt install ./apcupsd_3.14.14-2_arm64.deb 2>&1 | tee log_install.txt
# Alternatively:
sudo dpkg -i ./apcupsd_3.14.14-2_arm64.deb 2>&1 | tee log_install.txt

The important part is this:
2>&1 | tee log_install.txt

If you need to back out the software you’ll want that information since sometimes other packages get installed. If you’re going to order that UPS, then you could just leave it in place.

Incidentally, there are some requirements listed. If you see a message about needing a particular package, then you could install that with apt-get over the web, and then run the attempt to install again. I’d increment the log file name each attempt if and only if you have to fix something before continuing, e.g.:
sudo dpkg -i ./apcupsd_3.14.14-2_arm64.deb 2>&1 | tee log_install2.txt
(I added a 2)

thank you!

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