Connect Nvidia Jetson TX2 with ASUS MB168B+

Hi to everyone. I would know if it is possible connect the Jetson TX2 to the external monitor ASUS MB168B+. This monitor has a single USB 3.0 I/O port! Can the TX2 redirect the video output on USB 3.0 port?

Hi Mungio,

Our hardware seems not support this…

Have you tried USB<->HDMI converter?

It will cause jetson to direct power to the monitor somehow, because the monitor uses usb-C or usb 3.0 to energize and to pass video signal to the monitor concurrently.

Moreover, that will cause more power consumption to the board.

I am wondering if the power resource would be enough for that. It will also need DisplayLink if used with USB-A type connection. But if it uses usb-C type connections it is said not to require DisplayLink.
I can see that power consumption for is under 8w