Connect Tech's Boson framos NGX007 BSP for IMX334 is not compatible with Jetson Nano dev-kit

We have bought two Jetson nano dev-kit recently. Our Aim is to test the IMX334 on Connect Tech NGX007 using Jetson Nano. The problem is Connect Tech says that their BSP is only compatible for Jetson nano production module. Hence, we could not verify the basic camera functionality (on Jetson nano dev-kit). We are planning to procure the production module, but its lead time is approx. 20 weeks. Meanwhile we are supposed to have a PoC working with the Jetson Nano dev-kit.
Please help us on this We have IMX334 driver loaded into kernel but it is used by none of the drivers.
Thanks in advance.

Have check the programing guide to modify the driver for dev-kit.

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