Connect-X4 Lx PXE does not appear in Dell PowerEdge UEFI boot options

I have a Dell R7525 server with a Connect-X4 Lx (MCX4131A-BCAT) PCIe card. We run the server in UEFI mode, and we PXE-boot it, but I don’t see the card as an option for PXE boot.

Before posting, I made sure that firmwares etc. were up-to-date. We upgraded the R7525 to BIOS 2.1.6. We also upgraded the card to FlexBoot Family Firmware version and EFI Firmware version 14.23.17.

I also found that, although the EXP_ROM_PXE_ENABLE was on, EXP_ROM_UEFI_x86_ENABLE was disabled, so I fixed that; now both settings are on.

At this point, I can see the card in the Dell’s list of configurable devices (along with the storage controller, the daughtercard NICs, etc. But I still don’t see that the card as an option for PXE boot (I only see the daughtercard ports).

Hello Karl,

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Please try setting UEFI_HII_EN to true on the adapter. This setting can be found in mlxconfig so the command would be:

mlxconfig -d s UEFI_HII_EN=1

More information on mlxconfig can be found here:

After this try rebooting the node to see if the adapter is an available as an option for PXE boot.

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Hi Abigail, good evening,

I just checked, and UEFI_HII_EN is already set to True(1).

~ Karl

P.S. I just realized it might help to give the full configuration. So, here is the output of mlxconfig -d … query:

Hello Karl,

Thank you for the response.

To further troubleshoot this issue we will open a support ticket to work on this issue as you have a valid support contract. We will close this case and we will update the support ticket once we have opened it.

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