Connect-x6 DX best firmware for VMWARE SRIOV

Hi could you please tell me what is the best firmware for ConnectX-6 DX for Vmware 7.0U3 to support SRIOV/DPDK?
I have a Dell mellanox PSID: DEL0000000027

According to this page, I should get 22.34

But as my psid is not listed on nvidia downloads for connectx-6 I cannot get it.

I found a 22.32 in the download section dedicated to Dell OEM devices

On Dell site, I can only get 22.28.

Can you please adivse if there is 22.34 that I could use on my cards?


Hi a.piasz

It’s simple. As your HCA is DELL OEM, you should download HCA FW at Dell.



But you do provide Dell OEM firmware on your website so should i use those or those at Dell?