Connected a battery to the Jetson

I connected a 3S LiPo to the Jetson, 10,000mAh but the jetson did not boot, only th red power LED worked. After this, it does not power on even with the AC adapter. CR6 links once whenever I press the power button. Cannot go into recovery mode as well. The adapter is providing 19.2V as usual. Kindly comment if any more information is needed any help will be much apreciated.

Are you saying the unit also won’t boot with the regular adapter? Or that the regular adapter works, and the lipo does not?

In the case that the regular supply works, but the battery does not, it probably means power stability is insufficient right at the moment of powering up. You could use heavier gauge wires, or add a large capacitor next to where the power connector is.

thanks unfortunately the unit didn’t work with the regular adapter after trying using battery

If the TK1 does not work with the regular power either, then I am going to guess that it is indeed hardware failure. Most likely the TK1 is no longer in warranty (unless it is from a third party manufacturer).

However, if you can find the schematics, then the failure is likely something simple near the start of power. You might be able to repair it if you know where the failure is at.

Downloads for the TK1 are here, but I do not see schematics (it should be something like “Jetson TK1 Developer Kit Developer Board Design Files”:$product,jetson_tk1

Would anyone from NVIDIA be able to see if the TK1 dev kit schematics might still be available somewhere?

It looks like some components broken. The Tk1 schematic is out of support, if you want to debug the issue, some items might be considered. To observe the system current when power on, it will be much high if any shorting. To measure the power circuit with multimeter to see if any point shorted to ground by broken component and remove the related components one by one to find out it. Try removing ESD components which might be damaged.