connecting a new external / public network to mirantis / fuel openstack


We are installing and evaluating openstack (kilo) using Mirantis fuel 7.0 deployment tool

and we need help in connecting an existing 10GbE public network to the OpenStack


The installation is typical / similar to what is described in

HowTo Install Mirantis Fuel 6.0 OpenStack with Mellanox Adapters Support (Ethernet Network)

However we need to connect a 10GbE public network also in addition to the 1GbE public network

(1 GbE public network is working ).

An example / tutorial of doing so is described in Blog below:

Diving into OpenStack Network Architecture - Part 4 - Connecting to Public Network (Ronen Kofman’s Blog)

However that tutorial is based on manual installation of openstack as it refers to adding an interface to

OVS bridge “br-ex”

ovs-vsctl add-port br-ex eth3

ovs-vsctl show

In mirantis fuel i think br-floating is used instead and we do not have much understanding of OVS and even

neutron at this moment.

If anyone has a clue kindly let us know how we can achieve the aim of connecting a separate 10GbE network

to fuel deployed OpenStack, which is crucial to our migration path to OpenStack.


Rajesh Kumar Mallah.

Any Plugin Used:No

Nodes Connectivity: 1 controller + 1 compute + 4 Ceph OSD nodes + 1 Telementry Node , all nodes equipped with ConnextX3 Pro cards that connect to cloud switch.

Separate public and admin pxe network. The installation is really similar to the referred link.

Deployment Status: It is still not in production hence any kind of experiment / alteration can be done.

Network Allocations: 1 port of each connectX card is used to create the physical 10GbE network that is used for Management,Private and Storage network.

1 1GbE port of controller ,compute node connected to public network.

Thanks for the response and hope this information suffices.


Rajesh Kumar Mallah.

Hi Rajesh,

I know only about 1 public network auto installation via Fuel.

Anyhow, Public / external networks are under Mirantis development and maintenance, so I think it’s better to ask in Questions : Fuel for OpenStack .

Please put me as a subscriber in the question in Launchpad, I don’t think there should be any special driver issues with doing so, since you have the others networks working over our interfaces.

Mirantis connects the private networks to a router with a gateway to their (only) public network, so you need to think about this point IMO.

Another option is just do it manually, but it’s not so scalable…

Let’s try the LP channel - let me know if you need any help with posting the question,


Hi Rajesh,

Can you please give more details about your setup? (did you use our plugin? which nodes/roles and connectivity? is it already deployed? what’s the interfaces to network allocation etc.).

We’ll be happy to help you,