Connecting AGX to network

Software Version[DRIVE OS Linux 5.2.0]
Target Operating System [Linux]
Hardware Platform[NVIDIA DRIVE™ AGX Xavier DevKit (E3550)]
SDK Manager Version[]
Host Machine Version[native Ubuntu 18.04]

Recently flashed AGX. I am using DRIVE OS 5.2 and would like to install ubuntu-desktop using apt. The issue with this is that I cannot connect to the internet to perform apt upgrade or apt install. I attempt to set up network manually by editing the /etc/systemd/network/ file and adding the lines:


since these are the configurations that I was given in order to manually set up the network on a computer at my workplace. I also edited the /etc/apt/apt.conf file to route to the proxy’s of my work place.

Is there a different way to configure the network on the AGX? Should this have been an automatic configuration? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @pola5392 ,

Please refer to “To enable network access” in the document to connect the Dual GbE dongle. With DHCP, it will work by default. You don’t need to modify /etc/systemd/network/

This was already done. Is there any troubleshooting methods you would recommend?

Please refer to “Network Configuration in NVIDIA Filesystems” in the document page.

Hi @pola5392 , were you able to resolve this issue? If so, how? I tried to follow “Network Configuration in NVIDIA” but couldn’t figure out.

@VickNV, do you have any suggestions? I created the network file and placed it in /etc/systemd/network/, I am connected to 1 GBPS Ethernet port 1&2. Let me know if you need more information.
Thanks in advance.


attaching ifconfig screenshot for the reference

Hi @rborad ,

For 1 Gbps Ethernet port 1&2, you don’t need to modify /etc/systemd/network/ and it will work after flashing.
Please create a new topic linked to this one. Let’s clarify your problem there. Thanks.

Hello @rborad,
I was able to solve this problem. Make sure that you have the correct time set up on your system. I also wrote a document on this process and I may be able to offer some advice. Please share a link to a topic where you explain your problem a bit more. And @VickNV is right, you don’t need to modify the file mentioned but if you are using a proxy network then you might need to modify some files or at least run some commands. This is what works for our system pretty well.

@pola5392 , thank you for the reply. I have the same problem as you have except we don’t use proxy (confirmed by IT). For what its worth, AGX connected to the network right away when running DriveWorks 10.0. I will try fixing the time. Meanwhile, please find the topic I created here.

Thanks again.