Connecting GPS Module to Jetson TX2

I am trying to connect my SAM-M8Q GPS module to the Jetson TX2 and display data throug GPSd. The module is connected to pins 8 and 10 (UART #0). As far as I can tell the port “address” is /dev/ttyS0. I have told GPSd to look for he /dev/ttyS0 port, but it returns no data when connected (I do have a fix on satellites). I think I need to adjust the baud rate for /dev/ttyS0 to 9600, the rate of the module, but setserial won’t allow me to adjust the ports base rate using

setserial /dev/ttyS0 baud_base 9600

. Any help or even links to other tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

ttyS0 is the serial console (this isn’t used for general serial use since something is already using it…a login terminal).

Try using “/dev/ttyTHS2” with the J17 connector and 3.3V TTL level serial UART.