Connecting HDD through eSATA Port


I have tried to connect an external SSD Hard Drive through eSATA port, but Drive Xavier did not recognize it at all. There is no appropriate device appearing in /dev directory, fdisk -l does not list it. The cabe we use is purchased from Ugreen Group ( I tried all eSATA ports (eSATA0…3) none of them worked.

Is there any special way to bring up HDD drives through eSATA interface? I cannot find any documentation about eSATA at all.
Does eSATA work?

Dear daniel.movsesyan,

Yes, DDPX supports eSATA.
I guess the cable you mentioned is for eSATAp.
DDPX eSATA port is for eSATA( not eSATAp, so you need external power for this port like this one

Hi Steve,
I have a further query on this topic, Where should we connect the USB connector of this cable on DriveAGX?


Dear @ashutosh.gupta,
Could you please file a new topic?