Connecting Jetson TX2 to Ultrasonic Sensor

I’m using this Ultrasonic Sensor

It has Vcc, Trig, Echo, and Gnd pins. Where do these connect to on the Jetson TX2? Thank you.

Hi, please contact with vendor for reference design first. We have no experience on it. Also hope someone has something can be shared.

Well I do know it’s a HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensor, which appears to be a very common type of ultrasonic sensor, and that it runs on 5 volts. I assume HC-SR04 ultrasonic sensors are used the same way regardless of manufacturer/vendor so as long as someone has used one on a Jetson TX2 the same procedure should apply.

Just looked into its application guide, the key is the voltage is 5V and need two pulse input/output. You need a level shift to convert 5V to 3.3V to TX2 GPIO pins and tuning the driver to read/output pulse thru the GPIO pins.

I noticed you replied to my other post which I got a little further along in figuring this problem out, I’ll continue the discussion there: