Connecting Jetson Xavier remotely through lattepanda windows using same mobile internet

I have jetson and latte panda. I want to access jetson remotely using VNC through latte panda windows. I tried to use two scenarios

  1. Make latte panda as a gateway to the internet. Sharing the latte panda internet as a mobile hotspot and connecting jetson to that network shared by latte panda.
  2. Connecting both latte panda and jetson with same mobile 4G internet.

But in both cases, it failed and givers an error message of time out. What can be done?

Previously connecting both with home internet it was working. Am I missing anything this time? How can I check? Any help will be appreciated.

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Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

Yes. No one replied yet. I am trying different things but still, I am facing the same issue.

In scenario 2, are you able to ping each other?

In both scenarios, I tried to access through VNC and it gives time out error.

One thing more I want to share is that I tried to connect to latte panda through my Laptop VNC and it is working perfectly. I have not tried to connect to Jetson through my laptop.

I would suggest you can do it step by step. If even the ping is not working, we can know that it is network setting issue.

If ping is fine, but VNC is not, then we know it may be from the vnc server setup.

Ok. This is a good suggestion.

I will first check the response of Ping. If the ping is working then I will check VNC.

Can you suggest me please, if Ping is not working then which network setting to check.

I just wonder, for the scenario 2 where you connect both to a 4G mobile network, are both device able to reach out external website ?

Yes. In scenario 2, internet is working on both devices. I checked it using browser and they are able to reach out to external website. i just did not checked the ping response from latte panda to Jetson…

One more thing to clear that both are connected through WIFI not cable ethernet connection involved.

I guess ping should work according to your description. But better checking it first.

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I will check and update the response. Right now the device is not with me. I will do it after 4 to 5 hours and will update accordingly. I really appreciate your response. Thanks