Connecting OLED Display through MIPI DSI Expander J23

I have an OLED display (datasheet here: that I’d like to connect to the J23 Display Connector (pinouts are on the Carrier Board Specification document starting at page 17, Table 11).

What I’ve been doing is just connecting the TX1 DSI_A_CLK_P, DSI_A_CLK_N, DSI_A_D0_P, DSI_A_D0_N, DSI_A_D1_P, DSI_A_D1_N, DSI_A_D2_P, DSI_A_D2_N, DSI_A_D3_P, and DSI_A_D3_N pins to the CKP, CKN, D0P, D0N, D1P, D1N, D2P, D2N, D3P, and D3N pins on my OLED display connector for data.

For power, I’ve tried a few different things, but it seems that connecting any one of the VDD_SYS_BL pins (pins 2, 4, or 6) on the J23 to OVDD (pins 2, 4, or 6) on my display over-volts the display. I smell something acrid and the screen lights up in this weird and probably damaging color.

I have the general question of: how do I go about wiring up my display to J23? And also, more specifically, do I need to do anything other than connect power and the MIPI DSI data lines?

It might also be helpful to know that I’m currently testing this out with breakout boards that I made for both J23 (for pins 1-60) and my OLED display (40-pin breakout) and wiring it up using a breadboard.

Thank you in advance for your help!

VDD_SYS_BL is 19V input, your OVDD need be <4.6V…

Also there is a recommend DC/DC chip in the OLED display datasheet, you need to put it on your own board.

Better to get reference design from this OLED vendor, and then can know how to wire to J23