Connecting openups2 with xavier

not sure i get the whole picture, trying to connect an openups2 to a xavier, their wiki states

UPS Configuration

The UPS can behave differently depending on settings. The OPENUPSMODE parameter sets this behaviour.

0-Autorestart when input is present=yes (UPS)
1-Autorestart when input is present=no (LAPTOP)
2-Energy Pack mode (ON/OFF)

Mode 0 and 1

When using the UPS embedded in a system together with a motherboard the modes 0 and 1 should be used. 
Connect USB header P3 to the motherboard's internal USB header. USB connection is used to sense the motherboard's ON or OFF state. 
Connect P6 header's 1 and 3 pins to the motherboard's POWER SW header. (cable provided). Connect P10 header to a push button. This push button completely eliminates the need for any additional buttons to start or stop your system. 

Starting your system

Mode 0 - when adapter input voltage is present a momentary pulse is sent through P6 header starting your system immediately. 
Mode 1 - the momentary pulse is not sent and your system will not be started but battery charging is possible just like in a laptop. 

Mode 2

    In this mode the UPS can be a portable energy pack. Shutting down the UPS does not depend on USB connection. With the use of a push button connected to the P10 header you can instantly start and stop the UPS's output when running on battery. Connecting input power will charge the pack just like in any other modes. It also acts as an UPS providing uninterrupted output in this mode. This mode is recommended for powering devices other than motherboards or for portable energy use when working on the field and regulated 12-24V power is needed from batteries. 

My issue is there is no internal USB header… is there a jumper pin set that when closed by a button press will power up the xavier like we have on a NANO ?

We don’t have experience of using the board. Not sure if it works with Jetson platforms. So you have connected it to Nano and it works well? There is no real power button on both Nano and Xavier NX devkits. If it works on Nano, please share how you make it work.