connecting shield tablet to pc using usb cable issue

hi guys and developers. heres my problem with the shield tablet. as i plugged it for the 1st time the pc detects it and it can read all the files inside. but the major problem is after u safely plugged it out. when i try to plugged it in 2nd time the pc wont detect it and the tablet do not charge anymore. so i went for live chat online help.

what happens is the agent told me to restart the pc and tablet. “didnt work” then he advices to “backup and restore” means factory settings. i did and it worked.

main problem is every time i have to plugged it in to pc it would require to backup and restore to factory reset.

any 1 else having the same issue as mine?

any developers who could help. thank you in advance happy gaming all

Hei, here is my solution that works for me:
Prove that you are developer and mark “USB debugging”.
And now you can connect your tablet to PC without any reset. In my case it is USB tethering.

I am having no luck connecting my Shield Tablet to my pc anymore. My buddies works just fine and he has his Development mode USB Debugging turned off yet.

If I have my debugging turned off, then my pc wont even see that I plugged anything in. So once I enable USB debugging, the PC detects there is a USB device connected, but I dont get any of my drives show up on the PC At all!!!

This is very frustrating as I have to transfer all my files with ES File Explorer over wifi and this just wont work all the time for me.

Please help!

OH MY!!!

Figured it out!!!

f your Android device isn’t appearing in File Explorer as it should, you should first check the most common problem, which is its USB computer connection in the settings. First open the “Settings,” then navigate to “Storage” and touch the upper-right corner for the “USB computer connection” options.

On this screen, you simply want to make sure “Media device (MTP)” is selected.

That fixed it!!!

Doesn’t work on a Mac, btw. Only seems to work connecting to a Windows PC. The USB connection defaults to ‘charge only’ when you first plug the device in. Only goes into MTP mode when you manually change it. Windows notices the change, unconnects, and then re-connects the device, and allows you to see files on the SD Card. The Mac never does so it never shows up on the Desktop. Who designs this shit anyway?