Connecting the Jetson TX1 to laptop display.


Im a beginner with the Jetson TX1. i was wondering if it is possible to connect the jetson tx1 to my laptop display. Ideally use my laptop as a monitor. Is this possible?

Many Thanks

If you wish to connect the Jetson’s output directly to your display, this is generally only possible if your laptop features an HDMI capture (input) port. If you google, you will find others trying to do the same (typically gamers who wish to display their XBox or Playstation on laptop). Unfortunately, laptops with this feature already integrated seem few and far between these days.

That leads one to consider add-on cards and external adapters such as ExpressCards or mini-PCIe that can do HDMI capture and streaming, such as:

Of course, probably the easiest way is to just use remote desktop / VNC over ethernet or WiFi. If necessary you could even use gstreamer over RTP to take advantage of the Jetson’s accelerated multimedia codecs for this purpose.