Connecting to a NVIDIA Cloud based License Server trough a authenticated Proxy

I just watched your youtube video about setting up the NVIDIA Cloud Based Licensing server: Get your vGPU PoC running with NVIDIA Cloud Licensing Service - YouTube in order to license the VDI GPUs.

Great Video!

For me there some details are missing if someone would use a authenticated Proxy between clients (VDIs) and that cloud based license service.

In order to get our VDIs to connect to this cloud service we would need to connect though an authenticated proxy. As Alternative we could ask for some proxy exception but then we would need a list of URLs to allow that which we could not find.

The other way could be a possibility to add proxy credentials to the Client (VDI) so it can authenticate to our proxy. I checked already the documentation but could not find a way to do so.

Can you help me?

thanks a lot an have a great day.
cheers David.