Connecting to dev-kit via VM

Hello, I am very new to Jetson and just recently set-up the AGX Xavier. I am using Ubuntu 14 as the host computer to the dev-kit; however, that host itself is actually running as a VM on my Windows 10 machine. I was able to successfully download the SDK and flash the dev-kit, but am unable to connect with the dev-kit to install the other packages, namely the CUDA stuff. When I go to connect to the dev-kit, using VMware’s option, it recognizes a, “NVIDIA Linux for Tegra,” device, but when I go to connect to it, I am giving the prompt, “unable to connect to ideal host controller…” is anyone else trying to run the host machine as a VM and experience connectivity issues with the USB flash port? Or trying to communicate with the dev-kit? And if so, any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.

VM have unknown issues and not suggested, also the Ubuntu version needs to be Ubunut 16 or 18. Please try to get the host PC with native Ubuntu system.


Understood, thank you!