Connecting Two Rpi Zero's To The Xavier With USB OTG

Please forgive the naivety of this question!

On standard x86_64 linux, and on raspbian you can use USB OTG to connect to one or more Rpi Zero’s. I am assuming the same is true for Xavier dev kit since it’s running Ubuntu 18.04?

If I were to connect a USB type C hub into the Xavier, would it be able to assign IP addresses to two different Pi Zero’s?

Hi sameh4,

We never tried this, don’t know if can get it works, may I know why want to connect two Rpi Zero’s To Jetson Xavier? What’s the use case?

Hi Kaycc,

I am looking for a reasonably priced solution to attach multiple cameras to the Xavier board. I already have several Pi zero’s and cameras available.

I have browsed the multi-camera solutions here but they are more than I would like to spend for this particular proof of concept project.

I suppose I could try to connect multiple logitech c920 (webcams) over USB hub. Would that work do you think?

These cameras would be used in object detection and localization using a YOLOv3 model with pytorch.