Connecting up to 4 projectors (CANON WUX400 ) to a NVIDIA Quadro P6000

Hello Guys,
I am trying to connect up to 4 projectors (CANON WUX400 ) to a NVIDIA Quadro P6000;
each projector has a DVI connector, the graphic card offers 1 DVI port and 4 DP 1.4 ports.

I am wondering if using adapters (should they be active adapters?) it would be possible to connect more than one projectors to this graphic card.

has anyone already tried something similar?

thank you for your help,

Hello @alberto.venturi and welcome to the NVIDIA developer community!

Given the specs both of the GPU as well as DVI and DP 1.4 it should not be a problem to connect several projectors. There is no difference to several PC monitors. You also don’t need active adapters as long as the cable length is below the recommended limit for DP, which is 15 meters. With an adapter I would recommend even shorter length.

You should probably first try with one projector before going all in, but I don’t expect issues.

If you get it working, feel free to share the results, it is always interesting to see unusual setups.


thank you a lot for your reply,
in the next days/weeks we are going to test the configuration and I will let you know the results :)

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Hello, just an update: we have discovered that there is a problem with the cables used to connect the projectors to the PCs. They are optical cables and are not compatible with the adaptors DVI/DP that we tried to use. So now we are looking for a solution for the adapters.

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Thank you for the update!

Hello Markus,
finally we have solved the problem using some expensive active adapters by StarTech,
now we have to find a way to merge the view of those projectors so that they look like a single screen (the screen is a cylindrical surface, so offers a 360 degree view but we will have to compensate distortion and take care of the overlapping areas).

Great news! I am happy to hear that you got your setup running!

If you have the time to spare, please feel free to post some pictures and a summary of the final setup and I’ll pin it as a showcase!

Thank you!

before buying a new piece of equipment I will take advantage of this conversation to ask you a confirmation:
we have 2 Nvidia Quadro P6000 in our PC, we would like to properly blend the image of 8 projectors connected to our PC, and in order to use the Nvidia’s Mosaic Technology to do this we can buy a NVIDIA Quadro Sync Download NVIDIA Tech Demos , and use it to connect the two graphic card,
is it correct?
thank you a lot for your help