Connection betwwen isaac SDK, ROS and isaac sim

Hi Guys,

I am quite new of this fantastic NVIDIA world. I am quite confused on some points that I am not able to catch using docs and tutorials.

I have started to learn ISAAC using ISAAC SDK following this doc: Isaac SDK β€” ISAAC 2021.1 documentation
Than I reached the isaac_sim omniverse doc: What Is Isaac Sim? β€” Omniverse Robotics documentation

However, I am not able to see any connection between these two systems. How can Iused isaac sdk with isaac sim right now? To me they seems to completely separate projects.

I am proficient developer in ROS / ROS2 and I found different packages to support NVIDIA GEMs with ROS. Is this the suggested way? Is there any pros using ROS. Can I rely on GPU calculation in this way?

Thank you so much for your reply. Sadly I am quite lost and I am not able to find updated and complete learning resource

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Isaac SDK enables you to build Isaac SDK applications meant to run on your robot (autonomy stack). Isaac Sim renders the world and provides robot simulation to exercise autonomy stacks through a remote connection bridge. Isaac Sim 2021.1 ships with a remote bridge compatible with Isaac SDK 2021.1.

Isaac ROS is a collection of NVIDIA GEMs (hardware accelerated packages) that work with the ROS2 ecosystem. Isaac ROS works with the latest release of Isaac Sim 2022.1.1 and runs on Jetson AGX Orin.

Isaac is a convergence of NVIDIA technologies to revolutionize robotics. You can learn more about Isaac here.

Thank you for your reply. Just a tutorial, do you think that isaac ros bridge to communicate with isaac sdk and ROS is still supported using isaac 2022.1? Otherwise, is it possible to install isaac sdk 2021.1?

Isaac Sim 2022.1.1 does not support Isaac SDK 2021.1 but does work with ROS2 Foxy (and also Isaac ROS as well). You can, however, use Isaac Sim 2021.1 with Isaac SDK 2021.1.

Nice, where i can find the 2021.1 version of isaac sim? On the website, I can only download the last version of isaac sim

Isaac Sim 2021.1 should be available through OV Launcher in the list under β€œall builds”.