Connection Error right after capturing a frame

I started some experiments with my new google tango tablet, yay :)

After necessary basics, like rooting the device and allowing root permission to adbd I got the nvidia tegra graphics debugger to lunch my app. I’m able to see some plots of the currently running application. Then, i tried to capture a frame, which resulted in a crash. After some testing i was able to capture a frame by setting another frame delimiter (in my case the eglWaitGL(), which i called at the end of my frame). Now, right after capturing the frame i can see the result windows with draw calls and stuff, but after 1-2 seconds the application on the device closes with “Unfortunately, … has stopped.” and a few seconds later the graphics debugger shuts down, too. The message there is “Connection error detected communicating with target application. Shutting down connection”.

I think this could be related to another warning i’m seeing in the log: “SASS information unavailable; Cannot display program performance metrics”. I’m starting the application with a Java entry-point and a view that derives from TextureView based on .

If i do not capture a frame, the app and plot visualization get struggling after 5 minutes. Eventually, the tango reboots.

Not sure how these things are related to each other. Maybe it’s possible to set some kind of timeout.

Thanks for your advice!

looks like after some reboots it’s not closing anymore…

the “SASS information unavailable” problem still exists…

so you can debug with TGD now? the sass log won’t crash your application, when you get the issue again, can you have a logcat with ‘adb logcat -d > logcat.txt’?


You are right, I’m able to use TGD to debug at least to investigate a captured frame. The functionally of the other debugging tools is limited due to the “SASS information unavailable” problem.

However, after resuming from a captured frame and capturing another one I got the application crashed again (not every time, just once till now). I created a log file and updated it for you: Dropbox - Error

there are lots of errors in the beginning… I don’t know how old these are…

thanks, will dive into.