Connection Issue while using KSZ9896 switch


I am using ksz9896 ethernet switch on my custom board based on Xavier-AGX.
I have used EVB-KSZ9477/KSZ at master · Microchip-Ethernet/EVB-KSZ9477 · GitHub driver from this link.

I am able to expose all 5 ports using the above driver. While connecting to lan IP is assigned for the corresponding port and successfully able to ping.

But while browsing I am facing “Connection timed out error”. I debugged further into this issue and I found that the issue is faced only when the mtu is 1500. If I change the mtu of these ports below 1500 (1428,1499,1450) this issue will be solved.

What can be the root cause of this issue?

Ashik P.

We don’t have this switch so cannot help check this issue.

But one forum user once reported a patch from the vendor.