Connection mating life cycle

This is a shot in the dark for a niche use case. I understand there might not be an answer. Is there a connection life cycle for the gold fingers on the NX board? I know the receptacle I am using has a life of 50 connections. I am using an NX in a test fixture and it will be installed and uninstalled dozens of times in a given day. I need to figure out how long it can last before replacement. If no research has been done on this, I will scrutinize my own testing to figure it out. I just hope this magic number exists.

Hi, I don’t think it is a proper way to install/uninstall the module dozens of time a day. You can find info in module datasheet as below:

Connector Insertion Cycling: Insert/Withdraw Connector, 30 cycles, EIA-364, PASS.

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Thank you. I figured this was not a good solution. Now I get to tell management they get to either buy a new NX every few days or have me design a board that is exactly for this purpose, which will be much cheaper.

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