Connection via ssh to Jetson TX2

Hello Everyone.
I’m doing my project with a drone, JTX2, and camera.
I’m able to connect to jetson via SSH (ssh -Y jetson@“my-jetson-IP”)
I have a USB camera connected to the Jetson.
In the JTX2 there is a script to run the camera.
The problem is when I run the script via ssh from another ubuntu machine, the video is so slow…
Is there any way to get video via ssh or remotely from the JTX2 to another ubuntu machine?

Hi alberto,

Could you elaborate your usecase? What video is slow?

What is your current way to transfer video from TX2 to host?

Hello WayneWWW
In the TX2 I have my script to open the camera and do object detection.
TX2 works well when I run with the display connected but Now the TX2 is in the drone (embedded system-The TX2 is in the quadcopter).
So I want to see what is happening in the TX2 from another pc (remotely) for instance see the object detection from the pc (remotely) and control the TX from the PC (remotely)

Until now, I’ve been able to connect to the TX2 via SSH -Y jetson@“mi-ip” and I can control the TX2 but when I run the script to open the camera the video in PC(remotely) is slow

So, Is there any way to get the video remotely from the TX2 to the PC but that is not slow?

Hi Alberto,

-Y Enables trusted X11 forwarding. Trusted X11 forwardings are not
subjected to the X11 SECURITY extension controls.

You are using x11 forwarding to send out what your monitor is drawing to your host. This method is really slow even on PC to PC case.

Please refer to the story:

A more stable way is to use something like rtsp server setup on your tegra and receive the frames as a client on your host.

However, how to leverage such case to your current usecase depends on your own implementation.
You could search “rtsp” keyword in forum and find out more usecase.

Thank you for your answer… that protocol RTSP is only to get the frames? Can I control the TX2 with RTSP?

Thank you in advance.

Yes, rtsp only supports the frame but no control command.

Thank you for replay.
I’m looking how to control remotely the jetson and obviously get the video too.
I really appreciate your help.

I haven’t set it up, but you might be interested in something like VirtualGL or TurboVNC:

When you simply forward through ssh GPU is also redirected and you aren’t really using the Jetson GPU. If there is lots of data to the GPU, then it all goes over the network. If you use a virtual X server with a remote desktop, then actual GPU use is on the Jetson, and only a compressed desktop goes over ssh.

Hello! Thanks for your answer!
I solved it!

  1. follow this tutorial to get a server in the TX2:
  2. In my case, the host machine is Ubuntu 18.04. Open Remmina Remote Desktop client(Installed by default) and put your IP(provided in the tutorial before), User, Password. In the option “Color depth” put “High Color 16 bpp”