Connector breakout board for Dev kit carrier board?

While the carrier board sold with the dev kit definitely makes development easier, many of the more useful connections are on those monster Samtec 120-pin connectors. In my case, I want to experiment with using all CSI-2 and all I2S connections at once.

Q1: Does anyone make breakout boards, either for the entire dev kit, or for the 120 pin qsh connectors? I’m aware of the Connecttech astro carrier board (, but it does not bring out all the signals I need, and it is really a replacement for the nvidia carrier board.

Q2: I could conceivably lay out my own board, put the mating connectors on it (, and then use the linking cables ( which, btw, digikey does not carry, so I hope I can get small quantities from samtec directly. The biggest problem here is that we don’t have in-house expertise yet of doing this kind of layout work, so this would introduce a long delay to our development plan.

Any other suggestions/workarounds that do not involve answers of the form “use USB” or “put your cameras on another computer and connect them over ethernet”?



Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Hi Jijikos,

Are you seeking a breakout board with all CSI and all I2S (not I2C ?)? Only I2S3 is routed to 120 pin connector, so if you want all I2S, seems only the breakout board for entire dev kit can fit that. And as far as i know, no such existing board till now.

I think to make an own breakout board with all CSI is not so difficult, as the pin number/name of connector are in OEM design guide and reference schematic, you can put the mating connector on your board and line out each pin, and then route to each camera socket/pads, also the design guide provides the routing rules to guarantee the signal quality.