Connector Cannot oped USD file


The load stops here. How to do?

Hi 276146038,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Sorry to see you are having issues. Is it possible that you could attach your usd and/or logs so that the devs can take a look? Any other information that you can provide about how this usd was created will also be helpful in figuring this out.

Sorry, I did not describe this problem clearly. This is the link plug-in(3dsmax Connectors) for 3Dmax, and the USD file cannot be opened. May I ask where is the log of Connectors ?

I sent you the USD file by message.

I think I found the log file
MaxPlug1627605995.log (27.5 KB)

Thank you for the info that you provided. Your issue is being tracked in OM-35216

It seems that it crashes when you opening file MarblesAssets_LC.usd. Can you also upload the dump file and this MarblesAssets_LC.usd?

Sure, but I solved the problem by using Create to export the FBX file and then using 3dMax to open the FBX file.

However, after this file is exported from 3dMax into USD file again, there will be some problems when it is opened with Create. For example, some objects are added with physical collision, but the collision effect cannot be generated.
MarblesAssets_LC(6)long.usd (628.2 KB)

This Usd file is very helpful. We will fix it in the next release. Thank you very much!

Hi, the Usd ( MarblesAssets_LC(6)long.usd) does not have mesh. It only has xform. This is strange. Was it exported from Max using your FBX? Can you upload your FBX or your original Usd?