Connector Example in C++

Copied from SuperiorCharre on Discord:

Hello, so Im making a test for the connector example in c++, im seeing here that almost everything works fine, but, when I compile the code it show that this Assert is missing an expression

In what file are you seeing this error?

That’s most likely a known issue inside the TBB headers which require an explicit define for TBB_USE_DEBUG to be 1 or 0.

The premake5.lua file of the Omniverse connector samples contain the following block which sets this and a link to the original issue.

   filter { "system:windows" }
        defines { "BOOST_ALL_DYN_LINK" }
        -- Work around
        defines { "TBB_USE_DEBUG=%{cfg.buildcfg == 'debug' and 1 or 0}" }
        defines { "_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS" }
    filter {}

Hi!, thanks for the information, I already include that information into my custom engine and It is working, the information was correct and now my engine has Omniverse integrated correctly.

Thanks a lot!