"connector not found" error when using binary deserialization


I am trying to use the binary serialization in PhysX 3.2.3 to store all the information about a scene (which contains one articulation and one static body representing the ground) so that I can later reproduce it. When I come to try to deserialize, I get the following invalid operation error when it’s trying to resolve connector pointers:

“NpActorTemplate::resolvePointers: connector not found.”

There is a similar issue here

which suggests the problem is to do with missing some steps in the serialization process. I have used the PxCollectForExportScene and PxCollectForExportSDK functions, so I believe all the necessary objects (links, constraints etc.) should have been serialized. Is there anything else I might be missing when performing serialization?

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Yes, the serialization mechanism is far from smooth in 3.2.x. We should have 3.3.0 posted this week, and serialization received a lot of attention for this release. I would suspect a bug in the PxCollectForExport functions, probably due to a constraint, but that’s just a guess. My advice is to try 3.3 when it is posted.