Connector on XNX wireless card?

What is the name of the type of the connector on the Wifi card in the Jetson Xavier NX Developer kit? I am looking to add a different type of antenna.

They’re known by U.FL or IPEX

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Thank you. They appear much smaller than the previous versions, like on the TX2 for example.

Thank you! I have been wondering for a while what the name for those is.

No problem. Just a side note…the cable side of those connectors are only rated for about 20 mating cycles so you want to be careful about how many times you play with them.

Thanks :) Once upon a time, I had a job in in cell phone repair and they would get broken all the time if workers weren’t careful. They are indeed really fragile.

Been there, done that :) I have big fingers and lousy close-in eyesight.

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