ConnectX-4 crashes FreeBSD-11

see attachement

I use FreeBSD-11 with Mellanox in /usr/src/sys

they are very similar to what is on your site, I beleive they are just the same

yes, I load mlx5.

configuration is (rc.conf)


cloned_interfaces=“lagg0 vlan200 vlan227”

ifconfig_lagg0=“laggproto failover laggport mce0 laggport mce1”

ifconfig_vlan200=“vlan 200 vlandev lagg0 X.X.X.X netmask”

ifconfig_vlan200_alias0=“vhid 20 pass pass20 X.X.X.Y/32”

if I do not use CARP, it is ok

as for crash, if you can see on the attached screenshot, crash is not saved as a dump

maybe offtop but in my opinion we need more info about when it will be crash ? It will be when some operation or else ? Need more info

can you elaborate more on the crash scenario? what was the last action/s that triggered the crash?

was it during installation of Mellanox Driver for FreeBSD?

Have you followed the instruction of “Mellanox OFED for FreeBSD for ConnectX-4 User Manual”?

Were the proper kernel sources installed on the server?

Have you loaded mlx5, linuxapi, then compile and install linuxapi module under /sys/modules/linuxapi.?

Panic/crash may occur when creating/destroying a VLAN in a loop during traffic

Review the pdf above, ensure you’ve installed all as recommended and if it keeps crashing - open a support ticket to and provide full dumps fro troubleshooting the case