ConnectX®-4 EN Adapter Card support for NetApp EF570


Im designing next generation back end storage network for one of our customer, where i’m recommending them to go with NVMe | RoCE protocol | 100Gig eth BW.

please can anyone help me in validating below - if connectX-4 EN is compatible with NetApp EF570?

Networking Gear:

Spine switch – Arista 7060CX2-32S

Leaf Switch – Arista 7280CR-48


NetApp EF570 (NIC – Mallanox ConnectX®-4 EN Adapter Card Dual-Port 100 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter)

would really appreciate response at the earliest.


Hi Mohammed,

Mellanox HCA are compatible with SPECS, protocols, etc. When asking about compatibility against external appliance it might be better to ask regarding specific features if it supported by adapter. Are you looking for RoCE support - it is supported, NVMe - it is supported. If your question is if NetApp EF570 supports specific piece of the hardware like Mellanox HCA, the question should be addressed to NetApp as they use their own version of the driver and the firmware and might have some hardware compatibility matrix.