ConnectX-5 card in a desktop PC - HEATING ISSUES

Has anyone used one of the connectX-5 cards in a desktop PC and found a good solution for airflow to keep the card cool?

We are using mcx555A-ecat and mcx556A-ecat cards in dell desktops and they are not designed to provide much airflow across the heatsink.

I have tried PCI slot fans, but it isn’t a great solution and the cards still run a bit hot. I have found a few low profile 12v fansinks that are almost the right size for a replacement, but not quite:

SC12L - Radian

I asked Mellanox support, but they just pointed me to the page in the manual with the recommended airflow.

any help or suggestions are appreciated.




Iam also experience that rigth now , did you find a good solution ?