ConnectX-5 differences between MCX512A-ACAT and MCX512F-ACAT

Hi! Could you please suggest are there any performance or other differences between the MCX512A-ACAT and MCX512F-ACAT cards? This is to understand which cards we should order to get the maximum performance (or features) as the price difference is negligible.

They both 25GbE dual port cards, but the first card has PCIe x8 slot and the second one has the x16.
I’m curious as PCIe x8 3.0 slot can push up to 64 Gbit/s, which should be enough to handle two 25GbE ports.

Hello gd051, and welcome to the NVIDIA Developer Forums!

Your analysis is correct - the only difference between these two adapters is the slot form factor / underlying bus width. Both widths are, indeed, capable of pushing the max throughput supported by these adapters. The only difference is the form factor.

You can see a full list of specifications for our ConnectX-5 Ethernet adapters here:

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