ConnectX-6 drivers for Jetson AGX Xavier


Where can I find the drivers for the ConnectX-6 NIC?


Please check with the vendor of ConnectX-6 NIC.

Hi @WayneWWW

Thanks for the feedback but that is precisely what I am doing. Mellanox was acquired by NVIDIA some time ago. NVIDIA ConnectX SmartNIC Ethernet Network Adapters | NVIDIA

I can see the aarch64 drivers in the download center (Linux InfiniBand Drivers):

But these are for Ubuntu. Are they suitable for the Jetson as well?



If they are targeting for aarch64 architecture, then I think the driver should work for jetson too.

Please also check if this driver can run on kernel 4.9.140 version.

Sorry that even this is from Mellanox, we still don’t verify it on jetson side. Thus, cannot tell you whether this would work or not.

Will do. Thanks!

any update on this?
I can see sdk manaager sdk options include ones relying on connectx6? Has it[drivers] been tested by now?