ConnectX cards HW Timestamping Support

Does Mellanox has plan to support following DPDK API’s for ConnectX cards?

int rte_eth_timesync_enable (uint16_t port_id)
int rte_eth_timesync_disable (uint16_t port_id)
int rte_eth_timesync_read_rx_timestamp (uint16_t port_id, struct timespec *timestamp, uint32_t flags)
int rte_eth_timesync_read_tx_timestamp (uint16_t port_id, struct timespec *timestamp)
int rte_eth_timesync_adjust_time (uint16_t port_id, int64_t delta)
int rte_eth_timesync_read_time (uint16_t port_id, struct timespec *time)
int rte_eth_timesync_write_time (uint16_t port_id, const struct timespec *time)

Hi Arjun,

Thank you for posting your query on NVIDIA Community.

I would like to inform that a Feature Request will be needed to check on the feasibility of support for the above API’s. This will require an active entitlement as well as business/technical justification to implement the same.

However, currently, we do have support for HW Timestamping and customers need to enable offloads when instantiating the DPDK Application via →

If there an active entitlement/support contract in place, please do not hesitate to open a support ticket by emailing

For contracts, please reach out to