ConnectX4 on freeBSD11.4

Do we support ConnectX4 on freebsd11.4? I have tried to bring up CX4 on a freeBSD VM on ESXI host but I don’t see NICs getting detected on freebsd. I wonder whether we have the required support or not

Hello Phani,

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Unfortunately we do no support FreeBSD 11.4. You can try to install the driver which was created for FreeBSD 11 (v289420) but it is still not a supported configuration. We recommend to upgrade to FreeBSD 12 or 13 in which the driver comes within the distro so there is no need to build the driver from source.

Please review the following driver documentation RN & UM for the latest version →

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~NVIDIA Networking Technical Support

Thanks for the reply. Can you please let me know if this Is a limitation with ESXI/FreeBSD combination or freeBSD 11.4 in general?