Considerations about multi-camera sub board design

I hope to make customized camera sub-board with multi camera modules for Reference carrier board.
The Camera module is your “on-board camera module” including OV5693 image sensor.
Could please answer me for my questions?

  1. Is it necessary additional (external) ISPs for simultaneous working Or Internal ISP of Jetson TX1 module can convert multi-input data of Raw Bayer to YUV?

  2. Camera modules have same I2C slave address. Is it possible to connect each camear I2C bus to different I2C controllers (Cam1 --> I2C_CAM, Cam2 --> I2C_PM, Cam3 --> I2C_GP0)?

  3. About GPIOs, is it possible to connect GPIOs parallelly (ramify) to each cam module?

Inquiring minds want to know.

  1. TX1 supports up to six active streams for RGB, YCbCr, and raw Bayer, no need to add additional ISPs.

  2. Yes you can, only need to pay attention the voltage level.

  3. Yes if you want all module work synchronously.