Consistent application freeze with MMU fault: FAULT_PDE ACCESS_TYPE_VIRT_READ

I have a Dell XPS 7590 with GeForce GTX 1650, I’m using mostly stock Ubuntu 19.04 with the graphics-drivers PPA. The kernel is Linux 5.3.0-29-generic, the NVIDIA driver version is NVIDIA-SMI 440.48.02.

When running Rise of the Tomb Raider through Steam I get consistent freezes on area loading. The game seems to load the area, the ambient sound starts, but the picture freezes. Sometimes I’m able to kill the process and have Gnome recover, other times Gnome restarts too. The error message is somewhat consistent, dmesg always has something like that in the logs:

[  567.110959] NVRM: GPU at PCI:0000:01:00: GPU-32dcd6b4-5d56-ecda-3dd5-05e00b6fb9ff
[  567.111061] NVRM: GPU Board Serial Number: 
[  567.111064] NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:01:00): 31, pid=1598, Ch 0000001c, intr 00000000. MMU Fault: ENGINE GRAPHICS GPCCLIENT_T1_2 faulted @ 0x1_17351000. Fault is of type FAULT_PDE ACCESS_TYPE_VIRT_READ

I’m attaching the bug report file to this thread. Thanks for any help you can give!
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (437 KB)

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