Consistent flicker in TTY and pause in Xorg

I have reproduced this issue on Fedora 36, Fedora Branched, and Debian Sid/Unstable (I did not test Debian Stable).

The issue is: in a TTY, the screen will go blank for a few frames every half a second or so. In Xorg, the same thing seems to happen at roughly the same rate, except the display pauses/freezes instead of flickering.

To hopefully make the bug report easier to parse, this log was taken from a cold boot with GDM disabled, logging in to the (flickering) TTY, and collecting the report immediately (Xorg should never have been active).

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (268.7 KB)

Thanks for reporting the problem. Can you check once with nouveau driver.
If you do not see issue with nouveau driver, please try with latest release driver 515.48.07.
If issue persists, please let me know the repro frequency and repro video for reference.

The issue is not present with the nouveau driver; everything works as expected. Everything is also fine on Windows 11.
I removed my package manager’s nvidia drivers and installed 515.48.07 through the official .run installer and confirmed the correct version was installed with modinfo nvidia. The issue is still present.

Repro frequency: The issue always occurs, and never goes away for any period of time.
Videos coming in a few minutes.



The issue went away after I took out my GPU from my motherboard, sprayed some compressed air in the PCI slot, and plugged it back in.

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