Console logs for DeepStream

Hi, is there a way to use the message broker to send console logs over it? I wish to send all the console messages of DeepStream App and send it via message broker using protocol of choice.

you can refer to this about sending custom metada, from README of sample test4

Generating custom metadata for different type of objects:
In addition to common fields provided in NvDsEventMsgMeta structure, user can also create custom objects and attach to buffer as NVDS_META_EVENT_MSG metadata. To do that NvDsEventMsgMeta provides “extMsg” and “extMsgSize” fields. User can create custom structure, fill that structure and assign the pointer of that structure as “extMsg” and set the “extMsgSize” accordingly. If custom object contains fields that can’t be simply mem copied then user should also provide function to copy and free those objects.

I know this method. But how do I gather the console log messages that DeepStream App prints on terminal to send it using NvDsEventMsgMeta. Is there any way I can use NvDs Logger?

May I know if you want to send whole console log or just message broker adapter log?

I wish to send selective messages from all console logs

We do not support sending logs over message broker. It may be a part of upcoming DS release. (Minimal few logs may be supported in the upcoming release - GA)