Constant banks 1..11 are reserved for external incomplete arrays

On machine
Name: Quadro 4000
Compute capability: 2.0

I have errors

ptxas /tmp/tmpxft_00003b7c_00000000-5_QuickW.ptx, line 173; error : Constant banks 1…11 are reserved for external incomplete arrays
ptxas fatal : Ptx assembly aborted due to errors
make: *** [obj/QuickW.o] Error 255

While for the same code on
Name: GeForce GTX 480
Compute capability: 2.0
I can compile and run correctly.

What’s wrong?

can you provide a short, complete code that I could compile and see the error?
which CUDA version are you using?
which GPU driver?

For GeForce GTX 480 with which I have no problems:
Cuda compilation tools, release 5.5, V5.5.0
Driver Version: 319.82

For Quadro 4000,
Cuda compilation tools, release 5.0, V0.2.1221
-bash: nvidia-smi: command not found

This is a compilation error. In order to help determine what could be causing this we would need to see self-contained, buildable source code, as well as the exact command line used to invoke nvcc.

Given that CUDA 6.0 shipped several months ago, you may want to consider upgrading to that. There may have been a compiler bug in CUDA 5.0 (pure conjecture at this point), and if so, it may have been fixed in later versions of the CUDA tool chain.