Constant GPU load around 13%/14% when connected second monitor / 460.32.03 / GT 710

Hi, when I connect my second monitor with rotated (XY inverted) screen, the “idle” GPU load jumps to about 14% and there is a little bit of CPU usage. Tested also with multiple Xorg “Screens” / Xinerama, nothing helps.

System: Linux 5.8.14 x86_64 (Xubuntu), X Server 1.20.9.


Timidly bumping the thread… Anyone?

Do you have xfwm compositing enabled or are you using forcecomposition pipeline?

Yes, I do use xfwm compositing. I don’t use forcecomposition pipeline.

The xfwm compositor doesn’t really work with the nvidia driver, though I don’t know if this is the reason for the constant gpu load. Please try disabling it for testing.

Well, I think it works quite well with nvidia driver to be honest :). Anyway disabling composition didn’t change anything still about 13/14 % load.

You’re the first one to say that, normally it goes like this:

Doesn’t matter since it’s obviously not the reason in your case.
Thinking a bit over it, I guess it’s a variant of a known bug in the nvidia driver (don’t know if that had been fixed meanwhile and returned or just never stopped)
While you’re not explicitly forcing the composition pipeline, rotating a monitor does implicitly.
(NB: I guess the mentioned compat option is long gone.)

It seems that that’s exactly it. When the screen is not rotated the usage is 0%.

Does anyone know what is the status of this bug?

Good question, I didn’t hear about it for quite some time, so I really don’t know if that was ever fixed or not.